FBBNP Funds Two Projects – February 2009

At the February 2009 Board of Directors meeting, the board voted to give an additional $30,000 in funding to the park for the following two projects: Multimedia and Computer Software - $10,000 This funding will allow the park to purchase a computer and the software required to produce and edit podcasts and multi-media web video materials.  The park has a very extensive website that is one of the most often accessed and enjoyed sites in the whole NPS. It is a vital link for those visiting the park, planning a park visit, and for those wishing to stay in touch with the overall status of Big Bend. The trend in both NPS and the larger web world is to include video downloads and podcasts, such as IPOD downloadable video clips. Video is interactive, informative and is the trend of the next generation and is currently our next desired technological push to the future. To make this a reality, the park staff needs the computer and software capability to produce high quality materials. Fossil Bone Exhibit Rehabilitation - $20,000 This funding will rehabilitate and improve the current Fossil Bone Exhibit Kiosk with new and effective lighting and exhibits. Four new wayside exhibits and a short trail are in place and provide a good starting pointing for the exhibit and reference the exhibit in several places making the need to provide a good exhibit even more crucial for the tie-in. Secondarily, a site survey and long-term plan will be accomplished with part of this request to plan for the future larger project for this area.