More on the Four New Projects to Be Funded for the Park in 2008

At the June 21st Board of Directors meeting, FBBNP agreed to fund four new projects for Big Bend National Park totaling $30,500.  These projects were requested by the park, and represent a continuation of successful projects that are able to be completed in the park as a direct result of license plate revenue. IMPROVE SHADE TREE LANDSCAPING:  $16,000  This project is for the Rio Grande Village and Cottonwood campgrounds.  This will ensure that the campgrounds have shade trees for the future and reduce irrigation water usage.  This will also provide healthy habitat for birds.  Trees are being propogated for this site in cooperation with Sul Ross State University. IMPROVE NIGHT SKY LIGHTING IN CHISOS BASIN:  $10,000  This project will replace existing lighting in the Chisos Basin are with energy efficient lighting that does not negatively impact the night sky.  Success of this project will help provide techniques and infrastructure for potential use at other BBNP areas such as Rio Grande Village, Panther Junction and Castolon. TEACHER RANGER TEACHER FUNDING: $2,500  This project will fund the cost of a teacher in the park for Summer 2009 for an eight week period.  This is an NPS-sponsored program and will be the second time that FBBNP has sponsored a teacher in the park. PRE-SCHOOL EXPENSES:  $2,000  This will fund rent and utilities for a pre-school at Panther Junction for children living in the park.  This is an important service to provide young families as an incentive to stay and work in the park.  The park hopes that by providing family services, its employees will stay in the park longer and be happier, providing better service to visitors in the long run. These projects are for FY2009 and are provided by your license plate purchase - THANKS!