2013 Agenda The Friends are actively supporting efforts to show Congress the negative impact that sequestration will have on the entire park service and the communities that parks are a part of. 2012 Agenda Friends of Big Bend is actively supporting the opening of the Boquillas Crossing Station through financial and political means.  We have paid for exhibits and staffing for the station through the donation of generous supporters such as the Tom Frost Family and the Bratten Family.  We look forward to the public opening of the crossing, and to extending the hand of friendship to Mexico. If you have concerns about the wild burro issue, please be aware that this is a policy of the State park.  Please contact Texas Parks and Wildlife with your comments. Economic Stimulus Money for Big Bend National Park Curious to know who is got economic stimulus money in 2009?  Look no further than Big Bend!  The park received $1.121 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.    These dollars were assigned to three specific projects:   1)  Infrastructure repair necessitated by last fall's major flooding event in the park  2)  Trail improvements meant to increase visitor safety and enjoyment  3)  Rehabilitation of aging housing for park employees.  Our thanks to the many citizens who contacted their Congressional representative on behalf of the park.  These funds will make a major difference to the park, its employees and the visitors who enjoy our Texas treasure along the banks of the Rio Grande. Statement on the Christmas Mountains: Posted October 7, 2009 Friends of Big Bend National Park has sent a letter to Commissioner Patterson in 2008 stating our support of Big Bend National Park’s request that the sale of the Christmas Mountains be delayed at this time.  Originally the Conservation Fund intended for this property to be a part of the park. Big Bend National Park is now in a position to manage this land. This area would be an outstanding addition to the park which is a treasure given by the people of the State of Texas to the National Park Service and the citizens of the United States. The Friends of Big Bend National Park Board of Directors’ position is that expanding the borders of Big Bend National Park and preserving the land under the stewardship of the National Park Service would be beneficial to the State of Texas. We hope that the Commissioner will keep in mind the intent of the Conservation Fund’s donation of the Christmas Mountains property. For the latest information on this issue, please check the website for the School Land Board at Posted Oct. 29, 2007. Addendum Nov. 9, 2007.